About Us

Our Approach

Our Approach

We take a client focused approach.  Our aim is to create a website that is a true representation of your company and its values.

You can expect that in the beginning, we will want to get to know you and understand your business.  That is the first key to being able to design a website that truly represents you.

From there we will work with you, to get a broad understanding of what role you expect your website to play in your business model.

After that we will begin our process to layout your website design, and bring you along at each step to make sure we're getting it right.

In the end, we will present you with your online business front and it's operational capabilities for your approval.  We won't finalize anything until you're satisfied.

Our Story


Our Story

AreGlo is a family business.  My brother, owning a company of his own, found to be more successful, he needed a better online presence.  He asked if I could help do that.  I really couldn't turn it down.  That's when I began to think about great websites and what they have in common.   My realization was this, great websites aren't flashy, they're simple and efficient in their elegance, but overall they must represent the values of the owner.

A play on Air Glow, the name AerGlo was inspired by the my love of astronomy and all things night sky. AerGlo aims to bring a beautiful light to an otherwise dark sky.

Meet the Family

I bring my technical and design expertise, while my wife and two furry supervisors bring the love and personality that make AerGlo what it is.  We strive to enjoy life to the best possible extent.  Of course, it really wouldn't be any other way with two energetic Labradors around!


Andrew Couperthwaite

Founder & CEO

Chief Designer

Andrew is a computer scientist by trade, with two degrees from the University of Saskatchewan.  He practices general programming and web design.

When not behind a keyboard, Andrew spends his time at the eyepiece of his telescope.  He loves to look at and take his inspiration from the night sky, which is where AerGlo got it's name.


Breanne Couperthwaite

COO & Veterinarian


Breanne is a veterinarian by trade, but in her off hours she helps keep Andrew organized so that he can spend his efforts designing websites for his clients.

In her spare time, Breanne enjoys training Penny and Gemma in a variety of dog sports including Agility, Scent Detection, and Dock Diving.


Penny and Gemma

Chief Morale Officers


Penny (yellow) and Gemma (chocolate) are the heart and soul of this family.  They provide much needed energy and endless laughter with their ongoing antics.

Penny, when not practicing agility, can often be found tearing around the yard with her sister, or searching for the best sunbeam in which to take a nap.

Gemma, when not practicing her dock diving, is usually found bouncing up to human head level searching for love, food, and any attention she can manage.

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