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about us.

AerGlo is a local web development service whose goal is to produce the best  web presence for your small business, non-profit, or personal project.  We take a client focused approach to building your site.  In a nut shell, our process guides you from project inception to final delivery and on-going support to take you to the next level of web presence.

Huge flashy websites aren’t our thing.  We strive for functional designs that give your clients the information they need, while maintaining an elegant eye-catching design.

What’s in a name?  AerGlo, a play on Air Glow, comes from the founder’s love of the night sky and all things astronomy.  AerGlo aims to bring a beautiful light to an otherwise dark night.


Our Process.

We understand your requirements and provide quality results.
Meet and Greet

We want to get to know you and your project. We want to know what is important to you so that we can reflect it in your website.


We bring you along for the design. Well have discussions to help determine what content needs to appear and what it should look like.

Build & Deliver

AerGlo doesn't assume we know everything. As we build, we'll bring you along to make sure that what we deliver is meeting your needs.


AerGlo won't run away after the job is done. Websites aren't static. We will update and maintain your site so it will last for as long as you need it.


Our team.

Our team is our family
Andrew Couperthwaite

Founder & CEO

Breanne Couperthwaite

COO & Chief Veterinarian

Penny & Gemma

Chief Moral Officers


Our Story

How did AerGlo come to be?

Who am I?

I am a computer programmer by trade.  Born in Saskatchewan, studied in Saskatchewan, work in Saskatchewan, live in Saskatchewan.  I love to tinker with technology and love to build beautiful websites. In my off hours I partake in my love of astronomy and all things night sky.


Family First

AerGlo had it’s inception when my brother needed a new webpage for his company.  He was tired of overpaying for inadequate service from other web services.  So, he asked me if I could help. And so, AerGlo was born.


Your way

I believe the most important thing that Aerglo can do for you, is to represent you and your business just the way you want.  I will keep working with you until, together, we come up with the perfect site!


After care

You and your business change over time.  It’s important to me that we keep your online presence up to date with the pace that you set.  Aerglo will keep your website fresh with any changes you need.


Our Services

What can we do for you?
Customer Focused & Functional Designs

First and foremost in our builds is a focus on the customer and their needs.  A flashy website is useless without the content that your clients need.  We ensure that your purposes come first.

Beautiful Layouts

Often simple and elegant layouts are the most effective way to communicate with your clients.  We aim for eye catching without being flashy.

Unlimited Redesigns

Did your requirements change? Did you want to say something else?  Want to move things around?  No problem, we are more than happy to rearrange things just the way you want.

SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization helps others find you.  A webpage isn’t going to help anyone if they can’t find it.  We will give your page the best chance at being found by Search Engines like Google so that your clients can find you!

Local Company

Don’t send your project off to an unknown online web designer.  AerGlo will meet with you in person.  Shop local, even for your online needs!

Friendly, Honest, and Responsive Customer Service

There is nothing worse than a company who doesn’t listen to what their clients need.  AerGlo promises to always listen, and provide answers to the best of their ability, and do it as promptly as they can.

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